Strategic positioning

Does your organisation have a clear, credible and unique proposition that not only differentiates it from other players in the field but also fires the interest of the people who are critical to your success?

We help organisations develop and articulate strong strategic positions. Research, including stakeholder and competitor analysis, plays an important role. Above all, we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ target audiences, challenging and fine-tuning the core proposition until it strikes a credible, distinctive chord.

To bring the proposition to life, we develop storylines, creative concepts, including visual imagery, and tangible actions that enable different audiences to experience the proposition in practice, not just in words and images.


Oxford Policy Management: Enabling the company to grow rapidly

Oxford Policy Management (OPM) is a leading international development consultancy. Over the last three years, we’ve played a significant role - recognised by OPM’s senior management - in helping the company triple its turnover and staff.

Part of our work involved developing a more distinct strategic position that highlighted the company’s role in reducing social and economic disadvantage by providing a unique combination of analytical and practical support across the policy cycle. A new corporate identity was also created, including regional sub-brands to underline OPM’s international scale. We also helped transform OPM’s approach to major bids, significantly increasing its success rate.
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UCB: Changing how severe diseases are perceived and approached

UCB is one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, specializing in severe diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s. These diseases tend to be socially stimagized. We created a strategic positioning for the company that shifted the perception of people suffering from these diseases from socially-restricted ‘patients’ to people able to lead normal, everyday lives, with the right treatment.

This message was brought to life in a variety of ways, from always showing people with severe diseases in everyday settings and hearing them talk about their lives, to bringing them into the company’s offices to discuss their lives with staff, including R&D teams.
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Alliance for Financial Inclusion: Laying the foundations for global leadership

We helped position, launch and market the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), enabling it to attract 60 developing countries as members in just six months. A key part of this success was a strong emphasis on AFI as an independent organisation, with its members - not international donors - in the driving seat.

We also stressed that developing countries were the source of many of the smartest ideas in financial inclusion, such as mobile money, reflected in AFI’s tagline, ‘Bringing smart policies to life’, among other initiatives. AFI is now the acknowledged leader in its field, with more than 100 members and G8 recognition.
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United Nations: Helping the OIOS safeguard the UN’s original promise

The United Nations’ Office for Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) is responsible for the UN’s audits, evaluations and investigations. Until recently, many people saw it as an internal ‘police force’. To create a more positive reputation for the OIOS as an enabling ally, not a threatening foe, we helped re-position the OIOS as a supportive partner that enables UN agencies to keep the UN’s original promise to protect and develop humanity.

Under the tagline ‘Keeping the promise’, we showed how of the OIOS’s three units enabled UN agencies to perform more effectively, both operationally and strategically.
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